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The Joy of Thrift Shopping

October 27, 2013

If there’s one thing I absolutely enjoy, other than moaning about wanting to go visit a new place to eat, it’s retail therapy. Something even better? Retail therapy that won’t cost you an arm, leg, and even your kidney. I had this idea about making an informative post about good places to go ‘Ukay’ around Cebu City. But an afternoon or two isn’t enough for it so I will just shelve it for now and maybe revisit it in a few weeks.

Thrift or ‘Ukay-ukay’ shopping isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you want to end up with good pieces, you will probably need patience the size of a baseball field. Most of these ‘Ukay’ places around the city are confined, pungent, and rarely have good ventilation. If you want to stay as comfortable as possible throughout the whole ordeal, a tank top and shorts combo might be your best bet. Another tip is to go during the weekend or, specifically, a Saturday. I’m not sure if it’s the same for other areas in the Philippines but in most places I’ve been to in Cebu City, Saturday means ‘NEW ARRIVALS’. This also means that the rest of their ‘stocks’ that were not sold the previous week will be marked down to prices so low that, if you’re patient enough, will result in a haul that will require another closet at home.

Before going on my bargain shopping trip yesterday, I had already decided days before to limit myself and not spend more than 500 pesos. To make the most out of my money, I ignored the new arrivals area and concentrated in going through rows and rows of old stocks. So as not to get impatient, I prefer to look forward to the possibility that I might find something I will absolutely fall in love with after minutes and minutes or even hours of digging through a mountain of clothes.

Without further ado, here’s my haul:




The next three items I got for a steal because they were running a 3 for 100 deal in some sections. Oh joy!




Total for everything? PHP 375. Most of the pieces I purchased might be too trendy but the moto jacket’s value alone is worth more than the total and it’s definitely something I could keep in my closet for years. Every time I go on shopping trips like this it reminds me there’s no going back for me after discovering the joy of thrift shopping a few years ago. From then on, I decided that it’s best to splurge on basics and classics from good brands and buy trendy stuff in these shops so I don’t regret anything even if I don’t get enough wear out of them. I know ‘Ukay-ukay’ shopping isn’t for everyone and some of you may even find it gross. But with enough wash and care, any old and used piece can still be someone else’s gold.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend! 🙂

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  1. Hi hanmae!! i found u again my old hostee!!

    loving this post. i used to go to ALOT of these ukayukay stores whenever i was in the Philippines. the ones in Bagiou were my fav. anyways great steals!! xoxo,kisses!!

  2. I think it’s the nature of all thrift shops that they aren’t well ventilated. Hence, the cheap stuff they sell. I don’t get some people who look down or feel disgusted in thrift shopping. I mean you wouldn’t really know that they’re thrifted until somebody asks. I got my two pullovers for P100 three years ago, and I’ve been abusing them since, but the quality almost didn’t depreciated, they don’t really look cheap dibs at all. At the end of the day, it’s not the brand and the price. It’s how a person carries the clothes they wear, because sometimes some would brag about wearing high-end stuff, but they don’t look like they wear one. Haha you get the idea.

    And I dig your ukay dibs! They look fairly good as new! 🙂

  3. I have been waiting for you to make a post of your ukay adventures since forever! I really like your outfits I see on IG eh and I’ve been curious for the longest time where you get them (well yes ukay, pero where exactly or if you do online shopping as well).. di ba I even asked you about it before? Haha. Now I got my answer!

    I’m awful when it comes to ukay shopping though, maybe all in all mga 3x ko lang natry siya and not so good deals din nahanap ko. 😐 Love your haul.. I’m sure they all look bagay on you and I shall wait til you post an OOTD wearing your new haul on IG. 😀

  4. I have always loved Ukays. They’re so cheap and like what you said, if you’re patient, you’ll really be amazed at what you can find. Recently, I have purchased this army jacket dress that I have always wanted at the UK. It was really magical when I found it on the pile of clothes :)) Ukay shopping is like looking for treasures. Like the beanie you’ve purchased!

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