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Summer 2014 Photo Diary

July 11, 2014

Before spamming you with more pictures (yet again), I’d like to apologize for leaving this site to vegetate for months. I finally stopped pretending to be busy and decided to get all the broken images back up and put up a new theme before daylight. I hope everything looks okay because admittedly, I am no pro at websites (I always try to just wing it). If something looks off please tell me in the comments section. It would be greatly appreciated!

Back to the topic at hand…

This past summer, I was lucky enough to be able to go out of town for more than enough beach trips. Oslob for a day on April Fool’s, Bantayan Island for 4 days on the same month, and to cap it all off- a Malapascua Island getaway for 3 days gifted by my boyfriend early in June. I had the best time in all three excursions. Malapascua probably one-upped the other two because it was truly the most relaxed I’ve ever been in months. I probably blabbered all about it in social media so I’ll stop doing it here and just let the photos do the talking. Hope you enjoy them and visit Cebu sometime if you haven’t yet!

Seafari Resort, Oslob

Stayed here for a day trip with Yen and my BFF Nikki. It was a weekday so we only had to pay PHP 750/pax inclusive of lunch which was surprisingly good. The resort could do with a couple more improvements (more staff to clean the place) but we had a really lovely time here and the view was simply breathtaking.

Madridejos & Santa Fe, Bantayan Island

Spent the Holy Week here with my brother & his girlfriend, Maan, Jope, and a couple of my brother’s classmates & friends from University. Despite the fact that I had diarrhea on our last full day, I had a really good time on the island. Food was very memorable because we had two great hosts who adopted us for a few days and fed us feasts for free. I probably wouldn’t come back again during Holy Week though. While I am one to enjoy a good party or two, I much prefer a beach with less crowd.

Thresher Cove Resort, Malapascua Island

My weekend at Malapascua was truly a gift in every sense of the word. I started getting really bad headaches consistently when summer started but in all the time I was on the island I never even had a split second headache.  I was in the company of two good friends from high school that made even the hellish road trip heading to Maya port seemed fun. We were able to fully enjoy swimming (or in my case, pseudo swimming since I can’t swim to save mine or anyone’s life hah), reading while soaked up in the sun and frolicking around the island. While we mainly stayed in Thresher Cove Resort (read my tripadvisor review here), we went around to enjoy other island food as well and went swimming for hours in another resort called Ocean Vida. I can honestly say I enjoyed every single minute I was on the island.  As I mentioned above, my boyfriend paid for the trip and I know he was extremely happy to know that I had nothing but the best time.

This summer was definitely the best I had in years but I welcome the coming weeks of cold weather and rainy days. The heat this past summer was insane and although I am #blessed (there’s an inside joke here somewhere…), alas, I don’t secretly own a farm of money trees that will allow me to go on beach vacations whenever I want to. If you’re in some part of the world where summer is just starting, I hope you get some downtime like I did. Enjoy your summer vacation! 🙂

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