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Shameless Self-Promotion

September 21, 2013


Remember that cafe with the most glorious Java Chip Frappucino I mentioned in my Happy List post? They’re currently running a contest and the prizes are pretty damn awesome. Maybe not awesome enough to some of you but I’m fairly easy to please. A cup or two free drink from my favorite cafe will seriously have me frolicking in happiness.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I need your help. But before I go around the rules of the contest and how you can possibly help me win, let me share a couple of photos from the place that will make you understand why I am in love with Café Noriter.

I’ve been to the cafe twice and both are memorable in some ways. The first time was the day after M left for the US. You see, I was on staycation with him for 3 weeks and this might be a little overdramatic but I know the first full day after he left would be harder than the rest because I had to get used to not having him around. Any sort of invitation to go out was welcome because I was dreading staying in my room and be sad all day. Nights are especially harder but luckily, my brother and his girlfriend wanted to hang out before crashing on some acquaintance party that night.

I don’t remember what lead us to decide on Café Noriter but I know I suggested it. I’ve been wanting to visit the place after seeing a couple of photos from my friend Eunice. And seeing the place in person was just love at first sight. M WHO? LOL I’M KIDDING.

Into cute cozy cafés where you can just hang out with your friends and chitchat all day, do a group study, or maybe read a book by yourself? This place is perfect for you. The drinks are pricier than most cafes around the metro but they don’t scrimp on the size and presentation. As far as the taste goes…let me just say that it’s worth every penny.


We visited during the soft opening so you may have noticed that the place was pretty bare. But even that didn’t keep me from falling in love with it. 🙂 For more information and very recent photos, visit their facebook page or this post by zerothreetwo.

Now moving on the the shameless self-promotion part and how you can help me win the contest!

The prizes are as follows:

  • The photo with the most number of ‘likes’ on facebook will win a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
  • The rest of the winners will win free drink coupons. A maximum of 10 free drink coupons to some.

For detailed information on the prizes, read about it here.

Now you’re probably wondering why I didn’t talk about the second time I was there. There’s no need for me to narrate everything because I ended up sharing quite a bit of how the day went in my contest entry that I screencapped below.

That might be too tiny for you to read so here‘s the link to the post. To help me win, all you have to do is ‘like’ the post. If I get enough ‘likes’, I might end up winning any of the prizes I mentioned above. I will be updating you guys on how it goes!

All the drama on the second day aside, I still did enjoy having that ‘me’ time on my birthday. Like I said on my entry, it’s hard to stay sad in a place like Café Noriter. There’s no way I can resist not coming back for more of their Java Chip Frappucino. 🙂

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6 Comment

  1. I was thisclose to asking you if you’re here in Manila and where you at because from what I know they only have one branch, located somewhere in Taft (near school). Good to know may branch na sila sa Cebu. Can I just say though na your Noriter looks 100000x cleaner, better, people-friendly, welcoming compared to the one here? Lol. Maybe because newly opened yung nandyan, but the one here.. my memories of the place are dark and dim (talking about the place) and the food (except the drinks) aren’t that good. 😐 IDK man.

    Sana mamaintain na ganyan kaganda and kaaliwalas yung Noriter Cebu. 🙂 Oh and I voted/liked your entry on Facebook na rin!

    1. Thank you Anna! 🙂

      And I really do hope they maintain the place. I googled Cafe Noriter Taft and it seems like our branch here in Cebu is ~prettier~. Although mas malaki yung branch dyan. They also have a branch in Dumaguete which is a Cafe + Restaurant + Internet Cafe all in one. 🙂

  2. Is this really a cafe or it’s a dorm? Haha Feels so home-y! Hahaha Just so sad that it’s in Cebu. Ugh. I just read a post about a cafe too, and it’s also located in Cebu. Now I have two reasons to beg for my cousins and parents to bring me back to Cebu. Hahaha.

    Goodluck with the contest! I’d like your entry in a while. 🙂 And btw I also followed you on Bloglovin. 🙂

    1. A lot of cute cafes started to pop up here in Cebu because the Koreans seem to love living and doing business here. I agree about it being homey! There’s something about Korean themed cafes that makes the place so laid back unlike the cafes we’re all used to. 🙂

      Thanks for the follow and liking my entry! <3

  3. Shet ang ganda talaga nung place :(( really wanna go there pero the cafe here in Manila sobrang layo sa place ko and medyo di daw kasing ganda like the branch in cebu :(( anyway, i liked the photo na! I hope you win!

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