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Saturday Six, Volume 1

July 19, 2014

I think I’ve mentioned this so many times in my previous blogs: I SUCK AT REVIEWS. I do it for a living actually. I don’t even know if I’m good at it because everyone knows I tend to say a lot. I’m very wordy and my grammar isn’t spot on. I do think my boss still pays me to do it because while I go about things in tl;dr ways, when I end up liking or hating something its always so extreme or shall I say, passionate? Just agree with me on that one (wink, wink).

Anyway, tonight is all about recommendations. I decided to call it Saturday Six since there are six categories and I may or may not do it every Saturday. If you’re in a rut or currently vegetating in your bedroom and can’t think of something to read, listen, or watch, maybe some of these will interest you.

Disclaimer: When I end up loving or liking something, it doesn’t equate to it being good. There are things I like that are not necessarily amazing but resonated with me. We all have some things we end up enjoying even if people believe they’re garbage. Like most of you, what matters to me is that I enjoyed it and didn’t feel like I wasted all that time for nothing.

BOOK: God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo

It seemed cruelly unfair to me, even then, how fast your life can change before you have an opportunity to rethink your choices. We should get second chances on the big stuff. We should come equipped with erasers attached to the tops of our heads. Like pencils. We should be able to flip over and scribble away mistakes, at least once or twice during the duration of our existence, especially in matters of life and death.

TIP: Prepare tissues.

MOVIE: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki (Wolf Children Ame and Yuki)

I think it’s safe to say that after loving three of his films, I’m officially a fan of Mamoru Hosoda. If you’re in Davao or Cebu, you can still catch the upcoming screening dates of Wolf Children in this year’s Japanese Film Festival. Check the schedule here.

TIP: More tissues?

SHOW/SERIES: Cougar Town

It’s plenty hard to sell this show to friends because of it’s sketchy title. I honestly didn’t expect much from it when Mike made me watch it during our staycation last year. After a couple of episodes in, I was completely hooked. Cougar Town left it’s original premise (Courtney Cox dating younger men) and while it’s stuck with a sketchy title, I do think it evolved into a really good and fully enjoyable comedy show.

TIP: There’s copious amounts of wine involved in this show. It might be good to have some around. 

MUSIC: Begin Again OST

This is my new favorite OST. I actually haven’t seen the movie but I love this album. Listen to it on spotify.

FOOD/ANY PLACE WITH FOOD: Pancake Set from Bo’s Coffee

Sorry if this photo sucks. This is a very tasty feast, I promise!

You really can’t go wrong with a place that offers all day breakfast. I’ve been here 4 straight weeks! Not every single day of course but whenever I feel like reading outside, I always seem to end up here and order the pancake set. The set includes 6 mini pancakes with bacon served maple syrup and butter. The best part? It’s only PHP 140. YUM.

Just typing that made me hungry.


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