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Photo Diary: Sweet Escape (Beach Edition)

March 30, 2016

I read for work. It sounds like a dream, right? While I honestly feel like I have no right to complain, it does get draining. There are times when I don’t even enjoy reading anymore because it’s all the same recycled plot, and I feel like my eyes are near bugging out from all the bullshit dialogues. There’s only so much Mary Sue heroines a girl can handle. Don’t even start with the I’m-an-asshole-and-I-have-issues-but-your-love-will-change-me hero because I might scream.

Like most jobs, I have good and bad days. On bad days, my boyfriend takes the brunt of all the moaning I do about how shitty things are. When complaining isn’t enough, a slice of pizza or two might make me forget. Often times, getting away from it all is the only cure.

I’ve been to a couple of getaways since the last time I updated this blog. Mostly with the same group of friends, unless it’s a solo trip to the fridge. While I would love to share the itinerary and the break down of expenses for each trip, some of the details in my head are a little hazy. I apologize but nonetheless, I hope you’ll enjoy the photos. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Hermit’s Cove

Kantabogon Rd, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Getting to Hermit’s Cove requires calling out God, Jesus, Mary, and all the saints of the world. Seriously, bring a list. Or find a prayer to the patron saint of getting to the destination without having a nervous breakdown. I’d like to say the view was worth it. But remembering all the blind curves and corniches gives me anxiety.

Apo Island

Dauin, Negros Oriental

One word: Glorious. Getting to the island requires a bit of a prayer (told you the list of saints would come in handy) if you’re afraid of nonstop waves and huge swells. If that freaks you out then call upon Poseidon or just don’t visit on Amihan season. I did ask the boatmen and they said the perfect time to go would be in May. You’re welcome.

Here‘s a video of our boat ride. As you can see, we were all soaked from head to foot. If you’re planning to wear your sundress while frolicking on the island, don’t wear it on the boat trip. Because let me tell you, not a strand of your hair will make it to the island dry. Swimsuits, people!

Our group stayed at Apo Island Beach Resort. As far as I know, this is the only place on the island with a private beach front. Price wise, it’s not budget friendly. If you want a more affordable option, check out Mario’s Scuba Diving and Homestay. Also note that there’s no power on the island most of the day so make sure you have extra batteries handy.

For someone who loves going to the beach so much, I can’t actually swim. But I promised myself that on this trip, nothing will stop me from seeing those giant sea turtles. Not my fear of stepping onto something spiky, or my non-existent swimming skills. I spent about an hour underwater and my only decent shot is that one up there in my underwear. Trust me, I have an album full of me looking like a fish out of water and you don’t want to see that.

Mantigue Island

Mahinog, Camiguin

This island was a surprise. It wasn’t even on my radar until I did some googling to fill up our itinerary for our Camiguin trip. When I found photos of it online, I just knew we had to include it on our list. A 20 minute boat ride for 6 passengers was only 550PHP so it wasn’t exactly a hard decision.

There are a bunch of fees you have to pay once you get to the island. Cottages, even tables, aren’t free so make sure to bring some extra cash unless you’re good with taking shade under trees. As far as food is concerned, they do have a canteen that offers a bunch of seafood and snacks. If you’re allergic to seafood like I am, you may bring your own food or ingredients and have them cook it for you for a fee.

Confession time: I’ve always wanted to go to a summer camp. The Parent Trap, anyone? This area on the island sort of looked like one, so I guess I can tick that off my bucket list.

White Island

Mambajao, Camiguin

This popular sandbar doesn’t need an introduction. If an island should spell pretty, it’s this one. Don’t forget your sunblock though because apart from the umbrellas you can rent (150PHP including tables & chairs), it’s wide open without any shade available. Expect the sun to be very unforgiving and do yourself a favor by reapplying your sunscreen every hour or so.

Villa Modern Deluxe

Tan-awan, Cangcuay, Oslob, Cebu

Let me just get this out of the way: Unless your geriatric friends are some sort of IRONMAN racing champs, DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THIS RESORT. It takes a couple hundred steps before you get to paradise, and my legs were seriously sore for a few days when I got back from the trip. Other than that, the resort and owner is lovely. There is no corkage fee for food and drinks. The best part? Day use fee is only 100PHP.

If you’re planning a reunion and you’re on a tight budget, I would definitely suggest this place. Another downside apart from the painful hike to get up and down the resort is the 3-4 hour bus ride which can be hell with traffic. Still in doubt? Repeat after me: Beauty is pain but my Instagram account deserves pretty photos.

I’m kidding!

Sumilon Island

Oslob, Cebu

The sand bar area became super crowded with tourists a few minutes after we arrived on the island. I was kind of bummed about it for second but I thought hey, my boyfriend is currently miserable because it’s winter on his side of the world. I didn’t want to insult him by not enjoying my day at the beach.

Well, that’s it for this post. I was going to share more tourist spot photos but it takes a lot of time post-processing and I have thousands of them. In the end, I decided to just share some shots from the beach. I might do another post in the future which will hopefully include more details.

Hope your week is going well so far! See you on my next post.

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