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Favorite Youtube Content Creators

September 14, 2015

I am guilty of spending hours and hours on YouTube watching cute animal videos. It all starts with a single video and then what do you know, it’s 4AM and you’ve seen about a hundred cat videos. Never mind that every video is essentially a cute cat doing the same thing. Cats and boxes just amuse me to no end and one or a hundred just isn’t enough.

On regular days that I’m not in a cat video wormhole (or a hundred Wikipedia entries in after googling one thing), I do watch and follow a couple of YouTube gurus or what I preferably call, content creators. I started watching beauty videos after finally deciding I needed to graduate from just wearing eyeliner in my mid-twenties and red lipstick was all the rage. Lately though, most of these beauty gurus have been lazy and just churn out the same content over and over again. Or I’ve probably just gotten older and stopped buying into those overly bubbly manufactured personas most of them suddenly have.

I do have a few that I still keep in my subscriptions list. Some I’ve watched over the years and I can’t unsubscribe out of loyalty and comfort. One or two I ‘dislike watch’ (hate is a strong word) for god knows why. And a few keeps me happy every time they release a new video. Let’s talk happy.


What constitutes a cool girl? Because whenever I think about someone so effortlessly cool, Claire Marshall comes to mind. I don’t remember the first video I watched of her. There’s a good chance though that it’s one of those car vlogs that most of her subscribers love her for. Apart from being the resident cool girl of YouTube, Claire has an enviable apartment with brick walls, one of the best brow tutorial online, mad video editing skills (that most beauty & lifestyle gurus on YouTube take inspiration from), a style I wish I could pull off without being subjected to try-hard comments, and the most handsome cat named Bruce (@bruciferlee) with more followers than I do.

Here are some of my favorites from this lady:


Fleur being my favorite is a curious thing. Makeup or style wise, hers is not something I would actually take inspiration from. Despite that, she’s probably the only beauty guru I still watch from when I started watching beauty videos because she’s been consistent all these years. She sticks to what she’s good at and grew into what she and her channel is today without needing the overly bubbly personality transplant to be more available to tweens. She’s also one of the few that gives really honest opinions on beauty products, be it sponsored or not. I think her being trustworthy is one of the reasons why I (and most of her viewers) still watch her all these years.

Fleur is married to Mike. He appears in most of her vlogs and they do cooking videos together for another channel. They have 3 dogs and 2 farm cats with the most adorable names. Besides appearing in her vlogs and sometimes on her main channel, you can follow what Treacle, Squidge, Piglet, Beaver, and Growler are up to on this Instagram account. She also has a book out, a collaboration with Eylure and upcoming makeup line with Feel Unique Beauty.

Favorite videos:


Erin is extremely talented for someone so young. I stumbled upon her channel 2 years ago and she’s just gotten better and better the past 2 years. I have nothing more to tell you except to watch her videos.

What about you? Do you have any favorite YouTube content creators that you think I should watch?

3 Comment

  1. I think out of the three I discovered tonight, thanks to your post, I like Fleur the most. Cute name too.

    I like watching comedy channels on YouTube. Sometimes when I’m really, really bored.. that’s when I go check out lifestyle vloggers and when I literally have nothing left to watch (to the point that even Buzzfeed is boring me) I go watch Mish. Haha!

    Right now I can only think of ||Superwoman|| and JusReign for my choice of YouTube content creators. Well, the second one is a recent find and sobrang benta siya saken I completely stopped following the first person. πŸ˜›

    Glad you’re blogging more now! πŸ™‚

    1. I hate the Buzzfeed site but a lot of their videos are really good. I think there was that week that I just discovered them and I ended up binge-watching all of their videos from all their channels. haha!

      Michelle Phan is one of those gurus I ‘dislike watch’. LOL Can’t stand her anymore.

      I’ll check out those two channels you mentioned. πŸ˜‰

  2. hanmae! <3
    I like checking Fleur's for swatches. Usually what shade works for her looks okay with me too.

    looking forward to reading more posts!!

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