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By on September 2, 2015

I just turned 29. What better way to celebrate than cuddle with cats? Since I have no new wisdom to share, I’m going to spam you with photos from my 29th birthday party. There’s lots of cats, lots of me, lots of me with cats, and a bit of my friend Riz. I know this is pretty lazy for a comeback post but my none of my drafts are calling for me to finish them.

Remember kids, invest in good skincare while you’re young. There’s your wisdom. It may be nothing new but still a good reminder.

So, cats. Lots of cute images ahead.

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What’s in my makeup bag?

By on October 19, 2014

I do not have an extensive makeup collection. What I have in my makeup bag is pretty much half of the entirety of my collection except for a couple of necessities and tools that I do not take with me because they’re either too big to fit in the bag, or I could just get away without using them on the rare times I do touch-ups. I don’t even necessarily need to bring a makeup bag since I usually only end up retouching my lipstick. But every girl wants to be armed for emergencies, so taking a couple essentials is always a good idea.

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