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Saturday Six, Volume 1

By on July 19, 2014

I think I’ve mentioned this so many times in my previous blogs: I SUCK AT REVIEWS. I do it for a living actually. I don’t even know if I’m good at it because everyone knows I tend to say a lot. I’m very wordy and my grammar isn’t spot on. I do think my boss still pays me to do it because while I go about things in tl;dr ways, when I end up liking or hating something its always so extreme or shall I say, passionate? Just agree with me on that one (wink, wink).

Anyway, tonight is all about recommendations. I decided to call it Saturday Six since there are six categories and I may or may not do it every Saturday.┬áIf you’re in a rut or currently vegetating in your bedroom and can’t think of something to read, listen, or watch, maybe some of these will interest you.

Disclaimer: When I end up loving or liking something, it doesn’t equate to it being good. There are things I like that are not necessarily amazing but resonated with me. We all have some things we end up enjoying even if people believe they’re garbage. Like most of you, what matters to me is that I enjoyed it and didn’t feel like I wasted all that time for nothing.

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Summer 2014 Photo Diary

By on July 11, 2014

Before spamming you with more pictures (yet again), I’d like to apologize for leaving this site to vegetate for months. I finally stopped pretending to be busy and decided to get all the broken images back up and put up a new theme before daylight. I hope everything looks okay because admittedly, I am no pro at websites (I always try to just wing it). If something looks off please tell me in the comments section. It would be greatly appreciated!

Back to the topic at hand…

This past summer, I was lucky enough to be able to go out of town for more than enough beach trips. Oslob for a day on April Fool’s, Bantayan Island for 4 days on the same month, and to cap it all off- a Malapascua Island getaway for 3 days gifted by my boyfriend early in June. I had the best time in all three excursions. Malapascua probably one-upped the other two because it was truly the most relaxed I’ve ever been in months. I probably blabbered all about it in social media so I’ll stop doing it here and just let the photos do the talking. Hope you enjoy them and visit Cebu sometime if you haven’t yet!

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