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September 2, 2015

I just turned 29. What better way to celebrate than cuddle with cats? Since I have no new wisdom to share, I’m going to spam you with photos from my 29th birthday party. There’s lots of cats, lots of me, lots of me with cats, and a bit of my friend Riz. I know this is pretty lazy for a comeback post but my none of my drafts are calling for me to finish them.

Remember kids, invest in good skincare while you’re young. There’s your wisdom. It may be nothing new but still a good reminder.

So, cats. Lots of cute images ahead.

Angst-ridden fanfiction could be written about this photo. What a pretty and dramatic sight.

Here’s my friend Riz with our dear buddy called Smoke. He’s the sweetest little guy of the bunch. You can pretty much carry him to the next street without complaints. But let’s not do that.

This guy is called Samurai. He fell asleep on my lap for a good hour until I had to give up because of leg cramps. Way to remind me that I’m old, I guess.

I look kinda stupid with my photobombing here but the cat makes it better. Focus, kids.

When you’re a cat, sleeping like this doesn’t look stupid. Only cute.

This is my birthday party. You’re allowed to be grumpy.

This little guy here mostly just played the entire time we were there. While everyone was taking a nap, he’s rolling and jumping.

Photobombing skills: PRO

Here’s a peek at my perfectly parted hair and Samurai.

This party’s a total hoot.

Staring at it won’t make it become a banana, sweetheart.

You won’t fool me with that disinterested face. I can feel you’re loving this.

It was hard to stop d’awww-ing at this.


Here’s more fanfiction material for you.

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?

Waterline tightlining on point. Teach me your ways, neko-sama.

Smoke reminds me of Gin’ogou from a Japanese movie called Kimi to Boku. Watch it here (Eng subbed). It’s an absolute gem. You’ll thank me after watching it. Have tissues handy.

Feelin’ it.

Not feelin’ it.

Party’s over? Actual #SQUADGOALS, you guys.

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I hope you guys enjoyed all the fluff. All the love, H.


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